Last week, I saw a mom in the middle school drop-off lane still wearing her pajamas.

And the week before that, I saw a kid throwing a tantrum in public while my kid was also throwing a tantrum in public.

Each of these brief sightings kept me going for another day. That’s really all it takes.

Because parenting is hard. Really hard.

And on the really hard days, the ones where we question whether or not we’re even qualified for this job, it helps to know we’re not the only ones out there struggling.

Unfortunately, Pajama Mom and Other Brat aren’t always there when we need them.

On those days, we thank the universe for Twitter.

1. The ‘Nothing You Do Is Good Enough’ Days

2. The ‘A Plague on BOTH Your Houses!’ Days

3. The ‘Talk In Code-She’s Listening’ Days

4. The ‘Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom!’ Days

5. The ‘No, Honey, I Didn’t Know That’ Days


7. The ‘Oh My God He’s Still Talking About Minecraft’ Days

8. The ‘Mom, You Skipped a Page’ Days

9. The ‘You Told Your Teacher WHAT?!’ Days

10. The ‘You’ve Been Begging Me To Come Here All Week for THIS?’ Days

11. The ‘He Better Be Kidding Me With This Shit’ Days

12. The ‘Mommy Needs a Timeout’ Days

13. The ‘Totally Irrational Threat’ Days

14. The ‘Hostage Negotiator’ Days

15. The ‘Food Shopping After They Go To Bed’ Days

16. The ‘Am I Really Arguing With My Two Year Old About Socks?’ Days

17. The ‘Not How I Imagined It’ Days

18. The ‘I Love Daddy More Than You’ Days

19. The ‘Seriously? I Give Up’ Days

20. The ‘Shut The Bathroom Door’ Days

21. The ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’ Days

22. The ‘I Didn’t Think This Through’ Days

23. The ‘Ages 2 through 12’ Days

So the next time you’re thisclose to losing it, head on over to Twitter and find your tribe.



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